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This WebSite will be devoted to items I currently have for sale. While most Collectible Dealers Occasionally have a Houdini item or two, we here at SASC Specialize in Houdini Material and have done so for 25+ years.

Not to mention having been in magic since 1963!

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4348-3454) FULL Unused Sheet (20 stamps) of the 37cent HOUDINI STAMP From 2002

The sheet of stamps is as it would have come from the Post Office.

Brand new and ready to be used, saved, framed, etc.

The Houdini stamp was ‘officially dedicated’ at the 2002 SAM convention, in New York City, with Houdini’s niece Marie Blood in attendance.

David Copperfield was there, too.

The portrait on the Harry Houdini stamp, which depicts a confident, self-assured man at the height of his career, was taken from a 1911 lithographed poster in the collection of Gary H. Mandelblatt. Designed by Richard Sheaff of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The stamp contains a hidden image which, when viewed through the official U.S. Postal Service Stamp Decoder, appears to wrap Houdini in chains.

20 stamps come to a sheet.

Also, included with this offer is the HARRY HOUDINI STAMP BEAR.

This Harry Houdini Collectible Bear was issued in 2002 by the U.S. Postal Service.

The brown bear is 10" tall with original tags attached.

The Harry Houdini 37 Cent Stamp comes with the bear and is attached inside a protective plastic holder.

The bear is dressed in a black velvet tuxedo with tails, white satin shirt, bow tie and red rose.

The image of the Harry Houdini Stamp is embroidered on the left side of the tuxedo with "Harry Houdini" embroidered on the front of the shirt.

The word "Magic" is embroidered on the bottom of the left foot.

While there are two photo's below, this offering is only for one bear.

You get the sheet of stamps - the USPS First Day Cover -and- the Houdini Bear all for one price - $45.00


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4349-3188) 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH OF BESS HOUDINI  and EDWARD SAINT at a banquet table. Photo #1.

"Bailey - Mrs. Houdini - Saint" written in pencil on the backside.

Rubber stamped on backside:

Advertising Photography
By The Loomis Studio
707 East Broadway
Glendale Hotel Bldg.
Cltrus 27456 CHapman 52058

I couldn't identify any of the other attendee's of this banquet - maybe you can?!! - $85.00

Quick note from Bev Bergeron, telling me the gentleman four over from Ed Saint,
on the far right hand side wearing glasses is Floyd Thayer. Thanks, Bev!!



4350-4207) 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH OF BESS HOUDINI  and EDWARD SAINT at a banquet table. Photo #2.

"Ed Saint" written in pencil on the backside.

Rubber stamped on backside:

Advertising Photography
By The Loomis Studio
707 East Broadway
Glendale Hotel Bldg.
Cltrus 27456 CHapman 52058

I couldn't identify any of the other attendee's of this banquet - maybe you can?!! - $85.00

Quick note from Bev Bergeron, telling me the gentleman four over from Ed Saint,
on the far right hand side wearing glasses and arms crossed, is Floyd Thayer. Thanks, Bev!!


(Buy both for the combined price of $150.00)


This Full Page article published in the October 1901 issue of MAHATMA Magazine.

Houdini was in Essen, Germany when the Loving Cup was presented to him.

Presented during his farewell performance at the Colloseum Theatre.

The article goes on to describe the evening, Houdini's performance, the over crowding of the audience (for one last look at HOUDINI) - right down to describing specially manufactured handcuffs and leg irons for the Challenge, at the end of the evenings performance.

The Loving Cup was made of silver, stands 35 inches high, weighs 40 pounds, and is all inlaid with the 1900 issue of 3 and 5 Mark silver pieces.

There are over 600 marks, in money, in the cup alone.

GAD, does anybody know whatever happened to this Loving Cup?!!

When HOUDINI was only 27 years old, he was taking Europe by storm.

This article goes into great detail.

HOUDINI would stay overseas, from the summer of 1900, for the next five years, crisscrossing the countries - till he finally returned for engagements in the United States.

Piece has been double matted and shrink wrapped, with form core backing.

The first two photos, below, were taken with my digital camera. They're a little washed out, due to the shrink wrap covering. The third, from my scanner, shows a better quality photo.

Measures 12"x16" - a standard size, so you can buy a nice ready made frame -and- hang on your wall. - $75.00



This "Hand Cut -and- Wood Cut" Print was produced by artist Robert Allen. A great contrast of black with one other color. Print is on "Fine Art Paper" and measures approx. 11"x16".

What’s offered here is called an "Artist Proof". These are what the artist would produce, towards the very end of their work, before making the ‘limited signed and numbered’ prints. Generally, there weren’t very many of these APs produced and certainly fewer than the numbered, limited edition commercially produced.

The Artist Proof print, here, is as MINT as the day it was made 44 YEARs AGO in 1971!!

It is also SIGNED BY THE ARTIST, along the bottom. This reads: "Artist Proof"  - "Robert Allen".

The photo’s, below, show the front side and back side (print bleeding through paper), along with a close up of the work itself and the signing at the bottom. - $45.00



4353-5455) A Candid View of Maskelyne's 1916-17

By Anne Davenport and John Salisse.

Copyright 1995. Published by John Davenport. Leicester, Great Britain.

Chapters include:

From Piccadilly to Langham Place
A Magic Circle Show: Pitman’s Opinion
Wednesday Evening, 28 June 1916
Wednesday Evening, 15 November 1916
Friday Evening, 29 December 1916
Friday Afternoon, 4 May 1917
Tuesday Afternoon, 29 May 1917
Wednesday Evening, 29 August 1917

The Appendix includes:
Rival Magic Shows
The Four Elements of Alchemy
The Spirits Are Here!
Three Un-produced Illusions

PaperBound. 72pages.

For the most part, this book hasn't been available for a LONG time. - $45.00



Published by Goodliffe in Birmingham and Alcester, England.

The World's ONLY Weekly magazine!!

Complete Volumes consisted of only 26 issues - even though published weekly.

Volume 44, #1120,1121,1122,1123,1124,1130 - Saturday, July 15th 1967 to Saturday, September 23rd 1967

Volume 45, #1153 - Saturday, March 2nd 1968

Volume 53, #1378 - Saturday, June 24th, 1972

Volume 71, #1825 - Saturday, January 17th 1981

Great British magazines from way back. - $15.00(for all nine)


(1) A portrait photo, with the following caption:

Karl Germain 1878-1959

Cleveland's Greatest Magician. Gained fame as a lyceum and Chautauqua perfumer, then moved on to Maskelyne and Devant's Egyptian Hall to achieve world-wide fame. Invented many standard tricks, but kept most of his "gems" within a circle of close friends. This photo, suitable for framing, is donated through the courtesy of Stuart Cramer, Germain's friend and author of "The Secrets of Karl Germain".

(2) A handbill with the following caption:

This is a handbill printed from the actual plate used by Germain around 1900. We used it to announce the forthcoming book "The Secrets of Karl Germain" by Stuart Cramer.

This is a handbill printed from the actual plate used by Germain around 1900. We used it to announce the forthcoming book "The Secrets of Karl Germain" by Stuart Cramer

First advertising piece measures approx. 8"x10 1/2" - the second 8 5/8"x11 1/8"

Both printed on one side only. There's nothing on the back side.

No date on these, but probably produced around the same time as Stuart Cramer's book was published - which, unfortunately, I don't have the date. - $25.00


4356-8648) ABRA CADABRA - Five Color Lithographs

Produced by Kurt Steinel, of Germany, 47 Years Ago in 1970.

Limited to a total production of only 80 Lithographs - however - if you were one of the first 39 to order, you'd received a sixth print.

Each Lithograph numbered in the lower left hand corner -and- Kurt Steinel's signed his last name and the year of 1970 in the lower right corner.

Five of these Lithographs are numbered "29/80" and the sixth Lithograph "29/39".

This being the case, there are only 39 COMPLETE SETs.

This is set #29, purchased by yours truly, in 1970.

These Very Colourful Lithographs each approx. measure: 17 1/2"x23 3/4"

They come in the original purple loose binder -and- this all in the Original shipping packaging.






Inside the portfolio, the six Lithographs are listed (in German).

Using Google Translate, I've added the English translations - which are a little different from what I was originally told, but the translation is close enough.

Das Becherspiel
The Cup Game

Nothing like the likeness of the devil performing the cups and balls, with birds, as the audience looks on.

Die schwebende Jungfrau
The Floating Virgin

Very interesting in that the floating virgin and magician both appear to be floating.

Die Zersägte
The Sawed

The sawing in parts of the lady, and whatever else she is.

Die verzauberte Kartendame
The Enchanted Lady Cards

The devils likeness, this time with magician's wand bringing the Queen of Spades to life.

Der Gaukler
The Juggler

The Juggler has all kinds of things going on - you might say the skull represents Death - the clock: time - not sure about the violin - the Ace of Diamonds card, with wings: chance flying out the window - the flowers have eyes, could this be for wisdom?

Den Mappen mit den Nummern 1-39 liegt zusätzlich bei blatt 6 Alptraum des Tascheenspielers
The mapping with the numbers 1-39 is also in leaf 6 Nightmare of Pocket, Player

This last Lithograph was explained, to me, as A Nightmare of the Magician.

At one time, these Lithographs were all framed, as can be seen by the brown paper tape at the bottom of each. The first set of photos, below, show this.

The second set of photos, below, I cropped the images, thus hiding the brown paper tape, to show you how nice each Lithograph would look, should you wish to have them framed and hanging in your house or office. So, don't let the brown paper tape discourage you from making this purchase. Properly matted and framed, only the beauty of each Lithograph will be visible.

Price for all six Lithographs, the purple housing portfolio, information pages, etc. etc. - $1,250.00

4357-4724) THE GEISHA BOY starring Jerry Lewis

This is a 14”x36” poster (called a Panel or Insert Poster).

The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a magician who is entertaining GIs in Japan. Upon their arrival he causes a series of unfortunate mishaps for the headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), including knocking her down a flight of stairs and rolling her up in the red carpet. An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano) witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy) brings the boy to Wooley to thank him, he and the boy become close, which irritates the aunt's boyfriend, a Japanese baseball player, as well as a stewardess (Suzanne Pleshette) who has fallen for Wooley.

Wooley continues to perform his act to large audiences in Japan, and not wanting to disappoint the boy by letting him find out that he is an unknown performer in the U.S., he tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return to America. The boy follows him, and Wooley must pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, he still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited and Wooley becomes a successful performer in America.

Top portion shows Lewis’ name and title of movie. Middle portion shows Lewis, seated, eating with chop sticks. To the left of this is the female star (Sessue Hayakawa). To the right, the boy star. Under this are cast and credits. The bottom portion shows Lewis (in full tux) holding a rabbit. As though he had just pulled it out of the top hat, which is on the table next to him. Scene also shows the female and boy stars, in their assistant costumes.

Poster is folded into quarters, as most All Posters of this size come.  After folding, the poster becomes almost the size of the Lobby Cards (11x14) and could be shipped off, with the film, to the next movie theatre. The folds are a little washed out in the photos below.

Only the 4th of these I've EVER had to offer. Overall condition would be Excellent for this 59 year old poster from 1958.

As the photos, below, show - the poster has been professionally Double Matted and placed in a metal Framed. Overall measurements of the frame approx. 21"x43"

On a scale of 1-10, I would call this one a 7. - $125.00 - or, if you want only the poster, without the frame - $85.00/(poster only)


A limited edition (and numbered) plate produced in 1999 by the Bradford Exchange. Measuring 7" across, "Magician Mickey" is a combination of hand painted cold cast resin and fine hard fired porcelain.

Bringing together the intricacy of sculpture, the vividness of hard-fired porcelain and the eternal charisma of Mickey Mouse, this charming collector's plate honors the 70th anniversary (1928 -1998) of one of the most popular animated stars of all time. Against a background inspired by animators' model sheets stands a wonderfully dimensional, hand-painted figure of Mickey Mouse.

As can be seen from the photo below, Mickey, in full tux, has a fan of cards streaming from his waist high held left hand, to his head high held right hand. The cards continue, from there, along the right side boarder of the plate. On the left side boarder, of the plate, is a rabbit and wand. In the bowl of the plate are four different drawings of Mickey.

Comes with original shipping box and COA - $75.00


These two, Limited Edition, plates don't have anything to do with Magic, but were part of a three plate package, I purchased, in order to get the magician plate. The owner wouldn't break up the set, so here are the other two plates, just incase one of you collect Mickey plates, too.

They are part of the Mickey and Minnie Through The Years series, produced by The Bradford Exchange, 20+ years ago, in 1994.

Both plates are as new as the day they were made.

The first plate is titled: "The Brave Little Taylor" -and the second- "Mickey's Birthday Party".

The plate diameters are each 7 1/2". - $10.00each -or the pair for: $15.00




4360-5599) AMERICAN HERITAGE Magazine. April 1972. Volume 13, #3.

This magazine comes HardBound, instead of paperbound like most magazines.

Contains: "Houdini's High-Flying Hoax" by Art Ronnie.

A wonderful article about the airplanes which collided, during the filming of Houdini's 1919 movie: "The Grim Game".

A full six photos, in this article -plus- great reading on what was almost tragic, but turned out to be the best thing for the movie.

Houdini offered a Huge Reward to anyone who could prove this scene, in the movie, was not for real.

Since it DID Happen, this was a pretty safe bet and smart of Houdini to capitalize on the publicity, of the almost fatal stunt. - $15.00


4361-9731) HOUDINI - THE MASTER MAGICIAN. His early hardships, the beginning of his fame, and the explanation of some of his tricks by Harold Kellock.

April 1928 issue of The American Magazine. Volume 105, #4.

The article is spread out over a total of TEN Pages and has SEVEN Photos.

Again, Great early reading just 18 months after Houdini passed away.

The magazine is complete and intact. - $20.00


4362-3648) LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHs by Brian Lead.

Before Brian Lead and Roger Woods published there book: HARRY HOUDINI, Legend & Legacy - Brian Lead had published his manuscript entitled: LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHs

20 pages and measures approx. 8 1/4"x11 3/4"

No publishing date given.

Chapter’s include:

Introduction and Acknowledgments

Laughing At Locksmiths:
The Legend and the Legacy of Harry Houdini

The Indomitable Miss Minerva...And Friends

Strong Dick of Blackburn

What's In A Name?

Last page shows a reproduction of a flyer for "Miller And His Men".
Towards the end, of the flyer, shows them performing the Musical Farce:
Love Laughs At Locksmiths

The BONUS of this item - it’s AUTOGRAPHED by Brian Lead. - $45.00

4363-5789) HARRY HOUDINI, Legend & Legacy by Brian Lead and Roger Woods

PaperBound with 56 pages and measures approx. 6"x8 1/2".

Published in 1993 by the authors in England.

Chapter’s include:


Prologue: An Improbable Fiction

The Indomitable Miss Minerva..and Friends

Houdini and The Mysto Challenge

Strong Dick and The Mystery of The 'Young Houdini'

The Wilson Challenge; Blackburn 1903

Epilogue: Did Houdini Fail?


The BONUS of this offering, the book is signed and numbered by the authors, on the inside cover. #82 of 500.

I have blocked out who the book was signed to.

A great piece of work which started out as a lecture, for their magic club, and became the book EVERYBODY should read. - $45.00


4364-6389) HOUDINI...and beyond Magazine Advertising PROOF

ONLY 3 Exists!! Two have sold, this is the last one.

Back in 1992, I took an Original pastel HOUDINI painting and had a limited number of quality art prints made.

I, also, ran full page color advs. in GENII and MAGIC magazines.

In order to run the advertisements, I had to have made four-color separation negatives and a PROOF.

Only 3 PROOFs were made and I'm offering the last one here.

The Advertisement Reads:

Award Winning Texas Artist, Diane K. Sparks, presents her latest work: HOUDINI...and beyond. An original; limited to a worldwide distribution of only 500 art prints. Each hand numbered and signed by the artist. Print measures 22x28 on 65lb acid free cover paper with fade-resistant ink. Price: $50.00 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling for U.S.A. Delivery. Foreign orders write for shipping price. Please send check or money order (Sorry no Charges) to: Stephen A. Sparks 2142 Little Cedar Dr; Kingwood, Texas 77339 USA

The image shows HOUDINI bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond.

Ad piece has been double matted and shrink wrapped, with form core backing.

The first photo, below, was taken with my digital camera and is a little washed out, due to the shrink wrap covering. The second is from my scanner and a much better quality photo.

The words "" are not on the image - only superimposed, here, for this offering. And, there's a small printers ink smudge in the lower right corner of the white border area. If you had this piece re-matted, this would be hidden.

Measures 12"x16" - a standard size, so you can buy a nice ready made frame -and- hang on your wall. - $100.00


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